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It's not actually great

This app continues to delete everything I write for reason!!


.... after all these years. PLEASE! Please! 🙏 update the original Chapters to 64 bit so it will work on iOS 11.

Best App

This is the best app. I use it all the time to keep track of everything. I like that you have different notebooks and can write in each one.


Purchased this as I thought it would be similar to Stampnote, another of this developer's apps and an awesome app that hasn't been updated for years. It's okay, but has two issues: (1) no time is recoded - only the date, and (2) the PDF looks horrible with only half the page printed.


Hate this app screwed up my writings I've had for years. The organization is pathetic.

Can't beat this app

I have enjoyed writing in this app for some time. I find its writing environment a pleasure to work with, and one that encourages me to write. Great job!

Essential App

Easy user interface, was able to use immediately and customize.

Best Available

I've been using Chapters for over 6 years now, and love it! It's the perfect note-taking journal app. I especially love the search-ability feature, which lets you find anything you've written, without having to have entered keywords. I periodically look at other apps, and have never found a better one for my purposes.

Helpful app

I use this app to jot down my story ideas. It is simple and helpful. I do have to admit that the new design and color are hard on the eyes. Please consider allowing customization. Keep up the wonderful work. Thanks!

Loved it for years

I have been using Chapters for years. I love using it. I wanted to be able to organize my notes into different books, and this does that wonderfully. The latest update was nice. I would love the ability to highlight and italicize. Great app, worth the money. This means a lot, as I rarely purchase an app!

privacy lock doesnt work

i used to love this app, but now the privacy does not work. :( that was the only reason I paid for this app. :(


Have been using this for recipes for years. Each category gets its own notebook. Just wish I could sort entries alphabetically instead of entry date hence 4 stars, but really 4 1/2!

Perfect App

Easy to use.

Stable and User Friendly!

I like how the books and change positions in the 'like up' and that I can easily flip from entry to entry. Nice App!

Awesome App!

I love this app. Great for taking notes for work. Great for writing my travel journals. Great for jotting down anything and everything. I like that I can keep separate notebooks. I love the simplicity of it. Would be great and even better if it was iPhone compatible for those those times when I have some thoughts but don't have my iPad. Regardless this is a really great app.


I have used this App for at least 6 months and it is very good for organizing ideas for projects, articles, school papers and books. I do a lot of writing and it is easy to look for projects and keep all related ideas together. I have had no problems at all with this app. A wonderful creation.

Love this App!

I love the design of this writing tool. The layout is so user friendly. It's so easy to wake up in the morning, open the appropriate journal and start writing. It's easy to see prior entries and password protect your journals. Plus customer service is helpful and quick to respond! I highly recommend this app!

If more people knew..more would adore..

I have purchased many separate apps for for writing, note taking, managing multiple projects and etc. Some great, others, not so much. But when speaking specifically about writing, my wishlist seemed simple...a simple interface (don't want to feel distracted by the app..the closest thing possible to a notebook) where I can manage multiple writing projects (books, blogs, a daily business log, ideas, notes, development). I have bought many very fancy, highly rated apps that for some reason in one way or the other would miss the mark. I am a very visual person. The main fault to me would be in how the projects would be grouped. Most don't have an "at a glance" feeling of separation. Most it would be done with tagging and searching and such. Besides that, they would feel soulless or too "modern". I just want to write. Only thing worst was the inability to have the writing separated at all. In comes "Chapter". Literally like an environment of virtual notebooks. You click a notebook, it opens up. And the app has all the features you'd want from Word, Pages or any good word processing software. Even greater you can choose to lock individual books for whatever reason you may need. It does a hell of a lot more, but I think a lot of ppl are like me and have been looking for these same features. Don't know how I stumbled on to this app but I'm glad I did. Just actually purchased werdsmith. Beautifully designed app but when it came time to group a project, I came right back to Chapter. Unless they somehow tinker and ruin it, I won't be looking around anymore. This is my Go-to writing app from here on end. Thanks to the developers!

Love it!

I have used it for years. I love it! I do wish he would update it for iOS 7.

Chapters, the Best Record Keeper

I love this app. I don't usually gush over an app, but I am still amazed at how absolutely simple and easy to use. I am keeping my daily health treatments as a journal of what I have gone thru. Thanks, Steve (the developer)

Favorite Notebook

While I've tried a number of different notebooks and journals, this is the one that I find to be the most flexible and easy to use. The layout is elegant, simple and readable - simply the best!

Best App Ever

This app is the best app! My school started to use the I Pad for school and we had to use our I Pad's. I looked around the App Store and saw this had a good review, so I tried it. This app if wonderful, it doesn't lag at all and plus it's under five dollars, not bad. I absolutely would by this app. It's worth the money!

Truly a sweet app!

I've been using all forms of writing apps for quite some time now, and Chapters is the first one that allows me to use the iPad like I have used paper notebooks in the past. I create a notebook for each subject, write in them, and that's that. It's simple in design, it's clean, and has never crashed while I was using it. Other apps have always left me wanting something... this one has just enough features like auto date, password protection, and some soft keys, that makes it just right. How many notebook apps have you worked with that are nearly impossible to figure out? Not this one. I finally feel like I'm carrying around my paper notebooks, and of course, I'm not. I contacted the developer and asked about a possible feature addition and he got back to me right away. Honest App, honest developer, and worth the price.

Love the app!

This app turned out to be exactly what I hoped it would be, a simple, easy to use journal. I love it.

Excellent !

This app is an Excellent note or journal app. It does everything that is simply necessary, by simply I mean it is not loaded with unnecessary, fancy, rarely used, cutesy, features that just complicate and frustrate usage.


Crashes upon startup. Totally useless now. Please fix.


Like your app. Could be better. Don't use it much, but like too. Am a writer, chapters - big +! Check out App; Notebook & Textilus They have extra keys on top of keyboard. Thumbs up on extra keys. Each app is different. Chapters can be the same - Instead - extra Keys can be lined up on Right or left side of iPad - vertical or horizontal.


The app is pretty, but though it will link with Dropbox and see the folders in it, it will not see the files inside the folders! Defeats the purpose if I can't see my documents, let alone edit them.

updated, but not worth the wait

Looks like I'll be looking for a replacement. I wanted this to be the app for my fiction and poetry.

Locked will not open

After updating this app, am unable to unlock a file. The lock tab doesn't show in the updated version. Please fix this problem.


This is a great app, I have found it very helpful for organizing a diverse collection of notes. I too would like formatting options (font sizes, bold, italics, etc.) and would also like to have the application sync to my iPhone like notes.

add more features

I would have given this 5 stars had i not heard that other people were having problems with this app. plus, it would be better if there was italics, bold, and underline. I sorta dislike the idea that everything has to be the same size. Why can't we make different words different sizes? Other than the font size and the bold etc., this app was really good. please add more features to it


This is a great journal/note taking app. Please add the ability to change the font color of a word or sentence. Also, if you could add bold, underline, highlight, etc. functions that would be awesome! I would also like to be able to change the background or border of a page/notebook to a certain pattern. Different bullet point options would be neat too! Thanks for an amazing app!


Love having multiple notebooks and the ability to password protect them. Password protection works great, linking to Drop Box was a breeze for online backups. Only BUG I've noticed so far is using the background color picker. App crashes when choosing certain colors. A wish list of wants: • more notebook sheet themes • more notebook cover themes • having each notebook cover a different theme instead of all the same • more font choices for entries • background images for entries • better rotating photos in entries (can't seem to get mine to rotate half the time) • text wrap around photos • photos that won't overlap the edge of the "sheet" (is this a bug?) Great app!

2 Features Don't Work

I love the app. It's really annoying when you're need deep in typing some notes and the keyboard shortcuts stop working. Contacted the developer and he blamed it on the OS, even though the problem doesn't occur in other apps. The insert picture feature is worthless.

Couldn't be happier

I've tried just about every writing app in the App Store, and am delighted with Chapters. The interface is elegant, simple, and straightforward. Separate notebooks let me keep stories, novels, and journals organized. Chapters has just the right balance between plain text only and bells-and-whistles overload. Chapters may not fit your style of writing, but you owe it to yourself to give it a chance. I, for one, couldn't be more pleased.

Clean & Simple

I really like the clean design. I reviewed several journal apps, and this one had the best balance of good features and simple design.

Not prompting for password upon unlocking iPad

I've enjoyed using this app for a while now. It's one of the few writing apps that will let you password protect entries. However, I've noticed that lately, when I lock my iPad while the app is in use, upon unlocking the iPad, the entry I was viewing is still open. If possible, the app should lock the entry in this situation. Otherwise, I've had no problems with Chapters. It does what I need, and does it fairly well. Keep up the good work!

Don't waste your time or memories...Everything vanished

I spent so much time journaling in this app for each of my sons milestones, funny stories, etc. I just went into Chapters on my iPad to add something and nothing was there. It was as if I had just installed the app. My notebooks for each boy were completely gone. Sadly, this app is the only thing I used to record these memories. Guess I'll go back to good old paper. :(

Simply a great app!

This app definitely beats out many of the paid apps. It's great! I use it to take notes in all of my classes and I love the stream lined interface and it's great because it's not bogged down with all of the features that I seldom use. It's simple, does an amazing job and I love it!

Great for some. Not for all.

This app works great for simple text work. Forget it if you are interested in adding images to your documents. Max Journal is far superior in handling images. Neither is perfect. I'd take features from both to make a better writing app. For writing though, you'll love this one for it's time stamping and how it lists prior entries, shortcut buttons, word count.

Wonderful Journaling app! But could use iCloud support

I use this app almost every day to write down the memorable things that happen in my life. It is great that you can back up your files in dropbox. However, the backups are manual so i need to manualy back them up every time I make a change. Could you please work on a way to automaticly update the backup files through iCloud or dropbox. Thanks

Great app!

Great app! Fast and helpful support!

Wish you could change the font

And write directly where the text appears instead of a popup box that looks like writing mail.

Destroys your work

I spent hours creating collages of photos and text. Export a PDF and see all your work and formatting lost. Heartbreaking.

Perfect for people who like to write

I Ike to write on a variety of topics & have been looking for something to replace my leather journals which end up poorly arranged. I do not write in a linear fashion thus I jump from toptic to topic and hen rice back. This app fits my style while helps me keep organized. The cut & paste features allow me to bringing material from other sources. OneNote is a good tool but not available on the ipad. I also tried Evernote but it seems more targeted for short notes.

Time Stamping Feature

Chapters app is great for diary or journal entries where a time stamp is needed. There is an extended keyboard that has 8 extra buttons not common to iPad keyboard. One extra key is a time stamp button if you want to manually insert a time stamp. Also, there is a handy option that if it's been over an hour since you last entered information, Chapters will automatically enter a timestamp at beginning of a new line. I recently got sick with Pneumonia and had to take a bunch of Meds and breathing nebulizer treatments every 4 hours. I also logged my fever temperature thermometer readings. Chapters app was invaluable to keep a log of time I took a med, treatment, used a thermometer. Chapters help keeping me from under or over dosing. Chapters can import images too. Chapters app is so important to me that I placed it in my iPad Dock. Developer was quickly responsive with emails to guide me to choose this app. I've search long time for an app with Time Stamping feature and could not find any other except Chapters and Chronicle For iPad (also from same app developer, Steven Romej).

Elegant, stable, simple

I have a few note-taking apps, but this is the one I use first. It looks good, is uncluttered and intuitive, and sorts well. Highly recommended!

Great app but...

Only things missing search across notebooks and the abiltiy to title each entry in a notebook. Other than that wonder app defintity worth it! Thanks!

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